Moscow Fish


Moscow Fish covers a wide range of genres and sonic ideas, from acoustic singer-songwriter all the way through to their interpretation of  electronica. They touch on blues, reggae, roots, pop, world, experimental, chill… all the music that has been an influence, and it seems that there are no boundaries around what they consider an influence. They straddle many genres without confusion to produce a sound that is uniquely and undeniably Moscow Fish.

From Canada, they’ve made their home base on a small island (Koh Phangan) in the Gulf of Thailand, between tours, and over the past few years, they’ve been hard at work developing 2 very different shows, an electronic and an acoustic show, both very unique and very versatile. They’ve also been recording a large body of work, as well as producing collaborations with the artists that they’ve met along the way. Always putting a gentle but solid twist on the concept of conventional.
Moscow Fish has been the resident live-mix-live-play band at the Halfmoon festival ongoing since 2009, where they’ve produced a dynamic electronic show centered around live performance. They have also dug deeply into the roots of creating and performing excellent music with the simplicity of 1 or 2 guitars, 1 or 2 voices, 1 or 2 harmonicas, and sometimes 1 or 2 invited guests. They are now working on their 2nd Thailand CD of new acoustic and electronic music, and recording a collaboration with some of Thailand’s celebrated recording artists.

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