GruAvenue featuring Poova Pachciak


Singer, songwriter and composer Poova is undoubtedly one of Malaysia’s most powerful voice and talented newcomer. Tall, gorgeous, and blessed with a magnificent voice in a deceptively slender frame, Poova is one of Asia’s few yet real soul singers. Currently in the final production stage of her first album “Ticket to Faketown” and already performing original materials from her second album, whilst now writing her third, it’s hard to deny the creativity and technical prowess of this truly amazing artiste.

With a musical style that fuses jazz, soul, blues, rock and electronica, together with an enormous, superb, soulful voice that could power a steam train uphill, there’s no escaping from the magnetic performance of this international songstress. Poova is accompanied by Vincent on bass, Charles on drums, Joel on guitar, and Wei Li on keyboards.

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