The Prathaz Band


Starting off as a vocalist in KK ‘s underground music scene in 2005 with Goyang72, Kamal gradually moved on to performing on to performing in pubs with the Morbius band in mid 2007. Their repertoire ranged from reggae, blues, rock & roll and even heavy metal. Jazz eventually became apart of Kamal’s music career in 2010 with the band PrathaZ. With Suaddy Rasman as the keyboardist and mentor in the band, Kamal’s understanding and love for jazz grew exponentially.

Eilvane Chiang


A singer and performer from the Land below the Wind, Eilvane is a fellow KK girl, and this year, she returns to the KK Jazz Fest stage to bring you her favourite jazz numbers with talented local musicians, The Air Pockets.

Suria Buskers


Suria Buskers, established in January 2015, is a combination of a few groups from Sandakan, Sabah. With band leader, Ms. Suria Lansius. The group consists of Henri @ Henxs on Vocal and timbales, Hanafiah @ Pyaa on keyboard, Zamri @ Zam on drums, Asmat @ Gout on lead guitar, Alban Jerry on conga, Subahan @ Boess on 2nd lead guitar and Rizmal @Mal on bass.

Suria Buskers is an excellent band of highly experienced professional musicians. They have a large extensive song list and catalogue of music styles and songs that our client can choose from. This enables them to customize a song list, specifically for every event, wedding, party or venue that they play for, that best compliments and fits any particular event.

They styles of music includes a mixture of music genres consisting of world music, jazz, rock, pop, ballads, R&B and much more.


  • First Runner-Up Battle of the Band, Pitas in May 2015)
  • Winner of Battle of the Acoustic Band 2015 – Organized by Sabah Cultural Board, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah in June 2015
  • Band Performer during the Colours of Sandakan – Organised by Sandakan Tourism Association in June 2015

Quadro Forte


Quadro Forte was formed in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 2009. Quadro forte means Quadro (four) and Forte (Loud). The band initially had four (4) members in the group who play music out loud. Now, Quadro Forte consist of seven (7) members – Boly George on classic and acoustic guitar, Emmanuel Mojikon on vocal, Kevin Coma on drum and cajon percussion, Delbert Tiu on classic and acoustic guitar too, Innocentclair Malim on electric and acoustic bass, Brandon Laurie on keyboard and Charles Khoo on vocal.  Music style consists of upbeat Spanish music such as rumba, flamenco, with pop and salsa influences and style. We are also a fan of Spanish famous group called Gypsy Kings.

Performance Experience;


Akustika showcase @ SEDCO complex
Hari Belia peringkat negeri Sabah @ Keningau Community Hall


Hari belia peringkat negeri sabah @ Likas Stadium, Kota Kinabalu
BandWidth’s Oktoberfest MusicVibe @ Rumba Latin Bar & Grill, Le Meridien.
Cock & Bull contract house band @ Cock & Bull Waterfront
Mini merdeka concert @ Sabah Institute of Art
Rumba reverberates with acoustic jazz nite @Rumba Latin Bar & Grill, Le Meridien.
KK Waterfront Oktoberfest @ Waterfront Kota Kinabalu


Children Challenge Charity Concert @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu


Wedding guests performers @ Putera Ballroom


Wedding House band @ S.T.A.R Hotel
Walk For Autism Concert @ Perdana Park Tg. Aru


Walk For Autism Concert @ Perdana Park Tg. Aru


  • Grand Prize Winners of Prima Akustika 2009 Kota Kinabalu, Organised by Sabah Cultural Board.
  • Featured band for Oktoberfest 2010
  • Featured for Acoustic Jazz Night 2010
  • Performed with local artist such as Ampal and Felix for Hari Belia 2010 @ Keningau.
  • Main featured band for Oktoberfest 2011
  • Performed at Hari Belia 2011

Facebook Group Page:

Quadro forte a.k.a quinte Forte

May Mow


A popular corporate function singer before being recruited into the family of pop pop music, May Mow capitalizes on her alluring good looks and attractive bassy voice to win a steady following.

pop pop music wishes to groom her to be the next in-house diva. May Mow has all it takes to be the next rising star: demure, seductive, elegant, and equally convincing on vocals.  Vocals wise, May is a cross between the young Joanna Wang and veteran Cai Qin, the kind of songstress with seductive bassy and magnetic tone.

In a short span of 4 months, participated in 3 major concerts.

  1. “In The Mood For Love” organized by pop pop music
  2. “I Am A Hi-Fi Singer” showcase organized by Popular CDRAMA
  3. “The Opulent Sounds of Shanghai” organized by Andaman Property Management SB.

May Mow exhibited tremendous showmanship with her beautiful vocals, choreography and stage presence. Released her first solo album entitled “Flirtation.Passion.Reflection” in April 2015. A refreshing genre of Soul and R&B, coupled with a sensuous image, the album promises to launch her career to a good start. 2015 is going to be a pivotal and exciting year for May Mow. With the release of the debut album and the staging of her debut ticketed solo concert,  her fame and recognition will sure skyrocket.

May Mow has also been invited to perform in 2015 Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival, being the only Chinese language singer to represent Malaysia in this international event . This is the 3rd time pop pop music’s singers get invited after ZYan in 2012 and Winnie Ho in 2013.

May was the Top-5 finalists in 8TV inaugural singing competition “Ultimate SuperStar” in 2007. She contributed a couple of songs in the official album from the same competition “PK” (Knock Out) Winner of 8TV “Ultimate Power Star 2011′′  singing competition. Performed in not less than 200 corporate functions plus weddings over the past years

Faizul Sany & The Hybrid


Mohd Faizul Sany, known by many as Faizul Sany was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 22th February 1985. The second in the family, he is the only child who has interest in music since in early childhood. He was so passionate in music and dreamt of becoming a professional guitarist when he was 14 and started to learn to play guitar by himself. Since then on, he realized that music was his ardor and started to develop his musical taste in many genre of music such as folk, soul and R&B. His first musical experience was when he was forced by his friend to perform in front of many students in school at the age of 16. That performance caught massive attention and soon people around him started to take notice of him.

He then pursued his study in Sports Science in UiTM. It was during these few years in the university that he was invited by many faculties to perform as a guitarist with his group of friends from the Music Department. These opportunities of performing has led to a stage where he decided to partake in an audition as a guitarist and a vocalist in a band competition known as HOT FM Twisties Bingit, a reality program organized by Media Prima in Kuala Lumpur. The band made it to final stage and won the 2nd Runner Up. This program has opened up his interest into song composition and he began composing a few songs.

His career began to skyrocket when he went for the Akademi Fantasia talent competition in 2013. He was chosen as the Top 12 finalists and took the opportunity to learn earnestly about music and performing arts from the teachers in the academy whom were also well-known artistes in Malaysia and Indonesia, such as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, Faizal Tahir and Melly Goeslow. His talent, passion and love for music were discovered by teachers in the academy and he became one of the teachers’ favorites. With his determination and diligence in academy, he managed to qualify himself to final round with another 5 finalists.

He won the 1st place in Akademi Fantasia 2013, receiving a recording deal and contract with ASTRO Talent Management. He was the only Sabahan whom succeeded to go for the final stage in 2013 and the 2nd Sabahan to win the Akademi Fantasia after Stacy in 2010.

Faizul Sany’s first album was released on the 25th September at Talent Lounge Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. The album which consists of 9 songs features the original song compositions by well known musicians and composers such as Faizal Tahir, Audi Mok, Amir Jahari and Omar K. He has also composed 2 songs in this album : Surat Untuk Sahabat and Lullaby.


  • Won the 1st Place in Akademi Fantasia 2013
  • Finalist for 21st Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2014 – “Best Male Vocal” for the song Perempuan.
  • Finalist for Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) 2014 – “Best New Artiste” Category.
  • Top 5 Best Album in 2014 – HLive
  • Finalist for Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) 2014 – “Best Song (Malaysia)” Category
  • Finalist for Anugerah MeleTOP ERA – “Best New MeleTOP Artiste” Category
  • Won the 1st place in the Battle of the Band competition with the band “The Hybrid” (2013)
  • 2nd Runner Up for HOT FM Twisties Bingit Band Competition (2008)

Upcoming Projects ;

  • MERDEKA PROJECT 2015 in collaboration with Faizal Tahir, Faithful Music and Ministry of Communication & Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM)
  • On-going promotion for the theme song “Kasi Gol”, a song specially composed for Sabah Rhino (Sabah Football Team) in collaboration with the Late Dato’ Hasbullah Awang, Jimmy Palikat, Kozae, & JD Popshuvit
  • Album Showcase in Singapore
  • Upcoming performances and song collaboration with the band, Hybrid in Sabah consisting of 6 members: Jun (Guitar), Donn (Keyboard I), Jerome (Keyboard II), Tim (Drums), Sky (Soprano Saxophone) & Salleh (Bassist). Hybrid has just released an album called “Satu” in April 2015 which also features Faizul Sany.

Listen to Faizul Sany’s self titled album on iTunes and Spotify.

Liyana Fizi

Liyana Fizi plays stripped back acoustic tunes tinged with a mix of pop, folksy and jazzy accents. Gaining acknowledgment for her music, the singer/songwriter made her first debut as one of the founding members of Malaysian indie-pop band Estrella. Everyday musings and inward thoughts are the main elements of her music, using simplicity as the main staple.

Currently singing and playing rhythm guitar as a solo artiste since September 2009, Liyana performs with her band of sessionists, and takes a vast interest in using music as an outlet for expression.

Some of the notable achievements are;

  • YES Artist of the Month 2012
  • Best Female Vocalist – Voize Independent Music Awards [VIMA] 2009.

Listen to Liyana Fizi on on iTunes and Spotify – Liyana Fizi – You Know

Shun Ng


Born in Chicago and raised in Singapore, Boston-based Shun Ng (pronounced ‘ing’) is a fingerstyle guitarist, vocalist and acclaimed international performer. Known for his unique and virtuosic style which infuses elements of Soul, Funk, Blues and Jazz, Shun dazzles audiences from all over the world with his flamboyant technique, soulful vocals and hypnotic groove. Today, he stand s as one of the most dynamic and innovative performers, winning accolades from legendary producer, Quincy Jones to fellow fingerstyle virtuoso, Tuck Andress. Shun was also nominated for “International Artist of The Year” for the 2013 & 2014 Boston Music Awards.

“You won’t believe your eyes nor your ears, he belies all stereotypes, all premonitions. I was simply blown away by both his soul and his science – his creativity and his uniqueness is astounding.”   – Quincy Jones

“I was dazzled by his technique and captivated by his guitar grooves. Shun’s music has that special quality, the dream of all musicians, the natural ability to touch the heart of the listener.” – Tuck Andress (Tuck & Patti)

Listen to Shun’s album on iTunes and Spotify – Shun Ng – Funky Thumb Stuff. Witnessing Shun’s one-man band performance live is an unrivaled experience that is not to be missed!

The Rio Sidik Quartet


One of the major comeback of the festival! Welcome back Rio Sidik! Rio performed at the  Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival before in 2012 with his astonishing and memorable performance!

Although trumpet has existed long before jazz was born, trumpet has a significant role in this music. The trumpet has been using as the lead instrument since the birth of jazz in New Orleans. The character of trumpet which is loud and cutting can always allows the melody to be heard regardless what the other instruments are doing. Trumpet can carry the melody, can be seducing, can be provocative and of course able to run manic improvisations. From time to time Indonesia’s blessed by having great trumpeters. One of the leading ones is Rio Sidik.

Born and raised in Surabaya, the capital of East Java and build his career in the Land of Gods Bali, Rio has been active in the music scene over the years with many shiny achievements. The most recent one was when he collaborated with trumpeter Maurice Brown and the fab

Incognito at the Bali Live International Jazz Festival 2014. He is known to be top Indonesia trumpeter and singer too.

What’s next? Well, Rio decides to move fast. Along with his group the Rio Sidik Quintet, he’s set to release his second album titled “Sound of the Mystical Vibe”. Rio Sidik who also stands as the producer for the album decides to make it in different way. “This album is going to be made as Audio & Video Recording, because I want the fans to capture the energy when we perform live on stage. CD is good but it can’t hold the visual aspects.” said Rio during his live recording session at Ican Studio Live, Jakarta on Tuesday Night (April 1, 2014).

In this album, Rio Sidik leads on trumpet and vocal. Joining him are Ito Kurdhi (bass), man (keyboard/piano), Jeko Fauzy (gitar), Eddy Siswanto (drums). The album contains 10 songs, mostly written by Rio himself. I wrote some songs during my trip to Europe. That’s why there

are some songs with the title of “Autumn in Moscow” and “Barceloneta” among them.” he said.

If you still don’t know much about this experienced trumpeter, let’s see a brief biography of him. Said to have music as a part of his life even since he was still in her mom’s belly, Rio seems to get it from his grandfather, also a trumpeter, Daryono, a big band leader. Not only the talent, but Daryono is the one who inducted him into music, built him to be an excellent trumpeter as well as strict education, strong work ethic and commitment. Other than his grandfather, his grandmother was a singer too that then continued by his mom and aunt.

This elder brother of soap opera actor, Dian Sidik has already played trumpet since he was still 8 years old. He started gracing the stage since 11-12 years old. “So I’m the third generation (in music),” he said while stating that he’s been playing all over places as early as 14 years of age.

His name rose after Indra Lesmana brought him inside the Reborn group/project in the first year of the third millennium. He frequently appeared with the late legend Bubi Chen, Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and with his music partner, keyboardist Erik Sondhy among others. Speaking of live performance, he’s done it all. He has been touring to South Africa twice, frequently visits Malaysia at least twice a year, Singapore, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Netherland and Russia, just to mention a few. With his world music fusion band Saharadja he has participated in the first Java Jazz Festival in 2005 among many other prestigious spots.

Now let’s go more specifically to Rio Sidik and his jazzy side. According to him, jazz is not something he planned, but it’s more like something that flows naturally. “I play all kind of musics. About jazz… I just like it. Jazz means freedom. But I don’t want to be labelled as a jazz musician, because I’m willing to play the other genres too, as long as it is good.” he explained.

It can be clearly seen by the song choice he put up on the Sound of the Mystical Vibe where you can find variety of musical colors inside. “This one is more into soft jazz, more easy listening. So me has jazz standards pattern, but there are some pops too. (The album is a rich in variety, just like the process of life”, he said while smiling.

Speaking of his quintet, we enjoyed the performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2012. Being inspired by all time great trumpeters such as Miles Davis, Freddy Hubbard, Arturo Sandoval and Dizzy Gillespie, possessing a special gift in music and wide arrays of experiences shape him to be an acclaimed musician. Some says he’s playing a world class jazz fusion, but he often covers much wider musical terrains. He mixes his virtuoso trumpet solo with cool smooth, soulful  singing style. He’s a charismatic band leader yet he’s easy going and joyful on stage which often brings happy mood to his audience. He’s capable in writing and composing too. All of these are the quality found inside Rio Sidik which should be able to bring him as one of the top world musicians particularly in jazz.

Along with the release of Rio Sidik’s second album “Sound of the Mystical Vibe”, he wishes to add more colors into the Indonesia’s music market and also the international scene in general.

“May this album bring happiness to the music lovers and make more people listen to my music”. 10 songs found in the album are Too Much to Forget, Whisper from God, Kesari, Autumn in Moscow, Tak Bisa Mendua, Andai, On My Scooter, Hope and, Love, Make Somebody Happy.

If you live or visit Bali, check out his gig schedule in his page Facebook page at ‘Rio Sidik Bali’.

Twitter at ‘riosidik’.

Listen to some of his songs at Sound Cloud


Get ready to grab his newest album released in both audio and video format, and experience the mystical vibe with your ears, eyes and senses.

Listen to Rio Sidik’s newly launched “The Sound of Mystical Vibe” Album by Rio Sidik on iTunes.

Bobby Taylor


Bobby Taylor is a prominent golden voice Motown recording star. His voice is distinct, but with such a huge range that he can sing the popular tunes of his Motown era colleagues with precision & soul. Listening to Bobby Taylor is enjoying the “real thing”; a truly special experience.

Bobby is a showman and vocalist. His Hong Kong band covers his own hits, and the hits of his friends, colleagues, and teachers. Bobby the entertainer delivers stories, giving the music that extra zest.

Musical Education
Bobby earned his Masters degree in music from University of California in Berkeley (Bachelor degree from San Jose State). After graduating from Berkeley, he did a tour in the US Army.

Bobby’s music career started at the age of 3. He was surrounded by his grandfather’s musical
teachers and colleagues including many great artists such as Billy Holliday, Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong, Miles Davies, Charlie Parker, Illinois Jaquet (tenor sax), Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole .

The Fabulous 60s’
Bobby’s group “Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers” was signed by Motown Records in 1967 with players Tommy Chong of “Cheech and Chong”, West Henderson, Robby King, Duris Maxwell, and Eddie Patterson. Jimi Hendrix played with them!

Bobby Taylor & Michael Jackson; 1968
At Chicago’s Regal Theater, the opening act for Motown group Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers was Jackson 5. Taylor was very impressed with the boys, and he arranged for the Jackson 5 to audition for Motown Records who signed them on. Bobby Taylor produced the first seven Jackson 5 albums including “Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5”, “ABC” and the third album called “The Third Album”.

Bobby’s Touring & Working Colleagues
The Temptations, The Four Tops, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Smokey Robinson and the
Miracles, Stevie Wonder, Edwin Starr, The Velvelets, The Marvelets, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Funk Brothers, Shorty Long, The Beatles, Elvis, and The Everly Brothers.

Bobby worked for Hugh Heffner at Playboy records and recorded with Hal David and Burt Bacharach. He continued touring; his last major tour was with childhood friend Marvin Gaye.

Bobby has recently been teaching children in Beijing; he is now based in Hong Kong.

Bobby Taylors’ TV Show Appearances
• Ed Sullivan Show
• The Dick Clark Show
• Hulla-ba-loo
• Soul Train
• Joey Bishop Show
• CBC Cavalcade of Stars
• The Red Robinson Show
• Joan Rivers

Movie Parts
• The Far out Man (Cheech and Chong) Co star
• Once a Thief (with Alain Delon, Anne Margaret, Van Heflin)

Hong Kong 2010 / 2014
Bobby Taylor has made Hong Kong his home; he was based at Skylark Lounge, with The Bobby Taylor Band, playing soul, R&B, jazz, and blues.

The Short Story of Jackson 5 and Bobby Taylor
In 1968, Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers were headlining a ten day stint at Chicago’s Regal
Theatre. The opening act was introduced to Bobby by Marshall Thompson (leader of the group called The Chilites) and show promoter Pervis Spann. After seeing the kids perform, Bobby Taylor asked them to be brought to the dressing room. At the end of the ten day stint, Bobby’s partner took the Jackson 5 to Detroit Mich. That partner was guitarist Tommy Chong who is the Chong of Cheech and Chong. Bobby Taylor put the entire family consisting of seven kids, Joe and the driver in his one bedroom apartment.

The next day Bobby took the Father and Michael to meet with Ralph Seltzer who was the attorney for the company. From his Detroit office, Bobby talked to Berry Gordy Jr. in L.A who asked Bobby to get his nephew Johnny Bristol to video tape the Jackson 5 group. They did that afternoon, and J.B. hand carried it via the red eye flight to L.A.

The following day, the kids were signed at Motown. Michael was 8 years old. Diana Ross was mentioned after the Album was finished; they were shown to the public as a Motown act at the Daisy Club in Beverly Hills. The name on all of the records was The Corporation, and that was Berry’s way of letting Bobby Taylor know that he owned Motown and to play it his way. The first Jackson 5 show under Motown was at the 20 Grand with a Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers show on the Sunday matinee; kids were allowed at that time. Following that the kids played at Berry’s mansion in Detroit for the Lucy Gordy Wakefield Benefit which to this day is on-going. She was Berry’s sister, and passed from cancer at a very young age.

The kids and Bobby Taylor had started recording at Crystal Sound Studio’s straight away. They were tutored at the studio every day. If their school work was not done correctly they couldn’t work with Bobby. They worked at least 20 hours a day. All of the songs were done at Crystal, and not one song was done at Mowest Studio. At the introduction of the J-5, Diana Ross did not appear as she was on tour… “this is the real deal” according to Bobby.

Michael Jackson was Bobby Taylor’s friend until Michael’s passing. Bobby Taylors’ recent composition written for the Michael Jackson “This Is It” tour was in rehearsal with the Bobby Taylor Band in Hong Kong. Bobby’s base is Hong Kong.

Listen to Bobby Taylor on iTunes and Spotify – Bobby Taylor – The Motown Anthology.