Jazz Musical Festival in Kota Kinabalu

Rainbow Children (Malaysia)

Rainbows are our greatest hope for our planet, and coincidentally the legendary Prince’s 24th studio album “The Rainbow Children” was believed to be a spiritual musical evolution for The Purple One. This stellar lineup of musical talents sees themselves as fearless avatars and rays of hope for the planet that we live in. Through our love of music and the art of performing Prince’s legacy, we hope that this would help the Evolution of Humanity.

A passionate union working together on a common goal – Rainbow Children aspires to be the best Prince-inspired tribute band by paying proper homage to his music and to continue his Purple Reign. Having done 6 shows in the span of 5 months in 2016 in four renowned entertainment venues in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (The Bee Publika, Livehouse KL TREC, No BlackTie and Forbidden City), Rainbow Children played to full houses and captivated audiences with their electrifying energies on stage, creating new fans of Prince while true blue Prince fans continue to flock to every single Rainbow Children’s shows to relive the Purple XPerience over and over again.

No strangers to the music scene, 10 great musicians of their own rights came together for this Magical Musical Mission. Two keyboard players, SHARON CHONG and HIRAN BENTON so it is twice the rocket power with this mothership! Plus there is the ship’s navigator OMAR IBRAHIM, weapon experts DAVE TEBARI and TIMOTHY TANG, the ship’s doctors KEVIN CHOO and KHAIRUL ANWAR and first officers EVELYN FEROZA, JUDE MACSON and DARYL DIENGDOH.