2019 Performers Lineup

Project Trio

Professor Hanafie Mohd Imam graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston)majoring in Jazz Composition & Arranging, and at The University of Miami (Florida) he majored in Music Education & Bass Performance. Apart from academic duties and lecture halls, he performs professionally both the Traditional Malay Music (gamelan, mandolin, ukulele, asli-langgam, dondang sayang-keroncong) and the Mainstream Jazz Music (Electric Bass and Contrabass) at renowned concert stages internationally. Professor Hanafie Imam has presented workshops and academic papers in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Sabah, Sarawak, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Australia, Abu Dhabi and Den Haag Holland to name a few.

As an educator he was mainly responsible, actively involved in the development of the Malaysian Universities’ undergraduate and graduate music programs and curriculum designs since 1983; namely UiTM, ICOM, ASK (Aswara),UPM, SeGI, UMS including the Vocational Certification of the MLVK Programs. Currently Professor Hanafie Mohd Imam is attached to The Faculty of Humanities, Arts & Heritage FKSW@UMS. He teaches the Bass, Aural Training, Modern Harmony, Conducting, Arranging for Small & Large Ens., the Traditional Asli Keroncong & the Experimental Ensembles, Gamejazz Ensemble and also teaches Jazz Improvisation.

Motto: “Living The Best of Both Worlds Within the Confinement of your Brain”

Passion: Loves art of communication, nature & music, rhythm, colors, trees, birds, speech, words, songs…how they inter-link to touch life’s emotions, evoking creativity and imagination that brings the world alive!

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