2018 Performers Lineups



Power Line was formed back in year 1993.  They were mainly active at playing club levels & private events.  With their blend of jazz, rock & fusion style the band progressed further & established themselves to be the top at Labuan during the next few years.

The Power Line are:

  • K. Ibrahim     –    Vocals & Keyboards
  • David Shim   –    Vocals & Guitar
  • Simon Lau     –   Bass
  • Peter Lau       –   Drums / Percussions
  • Clarence Lau  –   Drums

The band parted ways in year 1997 & every member moved on.  However, last June 2017, a proposal by a good friend & senior musician was made for the band to play for a Labuan re-union party in September.  Coincidently, this would also be the band’s unofficial 21 years re-union since 1997.  During the band rehearsal, everybody was having so much fun & enjoyed themselves pretty well. The magic was still there after all these years.  An idea struck Simon Lau to arrange for an official gig at a local club in Labuan to celebrate their 21 years re-union. They had the re-union party in November 2017. It was explosive & they had a ball. With this re-union the band have added in a new member. Clarence Lau (Peter Lau’s son) will be joining as a second drummer.  It will give more energy to the band to have a new & young talent onboard.

One good thing leads to another, Peter suggested that the band should perform at the KK Jazz Festival. Well, the band sent in their video recordings for the audition & were successfully invited to perform this March 2018.  Currently, future projects are lining up for the band.

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