2014 Performers Lineups

Harry Toledo Covers (Indonesia)


Bass guru Harry Toledo (seated centre, in orange shirt) is an incredibly talented yet down-to-earth man. President of the Indonesia Bass Family, he has performed with many renowned personalities…. he’s even sessioned for Katy Perry’s “Roar” (2013)! And he’ll be performing this Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival!

Indonesian bassist, composer, arranger and programmer Harry’s passion and love for music started in middle school when he self-learned the bass guitar.

In the year 2000, he left his home in Riau and went to Jakarta to learn from renowned Indonesian jazz musician Idang Rasjidi.
During the year, he formed a band under the name Cherokee with musicians Rio Moreno, Iwan Wiradz, Kadek Rihardika and Agus Montero. Known for their hit “One Love Forever”, Cherokee features a well-known Indonesian singer Tompi on vocals.
Three years later, he joined several notable musicians like Rick Smith (USA), Bruno (France), Lewis Pragasam (Malaysia) and Tompi (Indonesia) to produce the album Bali Lounge.

Through the years, Harry’s career as a renowned bassist gained momentum… he has recorded as well as performed with the world renowned musicians like the legendary Bob James, Harvey Mason, and Phil Perry in the Bangkok International Jazz Festival.
Harry also had performed in many established jazz festival throughout the world: Hong Kong, China, Madagascar, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. He is a familiar face at Indonesian international jazz festivals like Java Jazz, Jak Jazz And Jazz Goes To Campus.

In the year 2006, Harry released his first solo album “Soul Emotion Bass” under the flag “RPM”. By 2008, he had released three solo albums: “Soul Emotion Bass I”, “Soul Emotion Bass II”, and “Soul Emotion Bass III”.
He released yet another solo album “Harry Toledo & Turbulence of Soul” under the flag “Diva Records” in 2010.
Harry – under the name Harry Toledo Covers – is now preparing his fifth album which features the best young jazz musicians in Indonesia. Harry and his friends from Toledo Covers have performed in various Music Events in Indonesia, and hopefully this year they will launch their album

Harry Toledo   : Electric Bass
Billy                      : Drum
Hendrik               : Piano / Keyboard
Iman                     : Electric dan acc Guitar
Vcl 1                      : Ferry R
Vcl 2                     : Roistan

Additional Brass section:

Enggar                  : Trombone
Adi                         : Terompet

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