2017 Performers Lineups

Dasha Logan (Malaysia)

Dasha Logan has been singing professionally for the past 12 years, but started her singing lifestyle at the age of 4 where she had begun to fall in love with performing. She was offered her first singing gig at the age of 17 and that kicked off her live on stage performances.  Being a big fan of jazz, funk, soul and RnB, she just loves singing!

Daughter to legendary Loganathan from the Alleycats, she has been exposed to the music life and scene from a very young age and been passionate about it since she could remember. She currently resides in  Kuala Lumpur after deciding to make the difficult move away from home.

She performs regularly in multiple restaurants around Penang Island, including Bagan and China House. She also performs in Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Jazz Club No Black Tie, Mezze, Rils and Alexis to name a few, and rocked Istana Budaya with the Alleycats in September 2011 and The Rock and Roots festival in Singapore in 2012 along the likes of Earth,Wind and Fire and The Specials. In 2015 she performed for Malaysia Day in London at Trafalgar Square. She also graces several magazines who have managed to capture her beauty and poise on stage.

Dasha has also taken part in the Penang Island Jazz Festival and the Jarasum Jazz Festival in Korea in 2010 with much more to expect from Dasha. She also brought in 2012 at Straits Quay in Penang alongside the Aseana Percussion Unit. She also does multiple stints in London and has released and album (available on iTunes) and video clip. She topped the UK Soul Chart on the 10th of December 2014 with her first single Cleverly. She is also in the Malaysian Book of Records as the first Malaysian on an international music chart.

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