Jerome Rico & Mara Viola

Jerome Rico & Mara Viola

jerome-rico-mara-violaBorn in Mariveles, Bataan. At an early age, Jerome was nurtured with keen sense of music and pursues it to the best of his abilities. To further improve playing the guitar, he took up Classical Guitar in University of the Philippines.

He is one of the guitarists around the Metro who never uses a pick. He depends on his five little fingers to create good music and make it more interesting. He tried playing the guitar with a pick but it is an utter failure.

This vast of numerous pieces of music translates into easy accessibility to numerous bands and groups. He had played alongside
U-Turn, Luke Mejares, Kyla, , Paolo Santos, Nyoy Volante, Nina and Sitti to name a few. Together with Acoustic Dream, their song “ So Real ” was included in a widely distributed acoustic compilation album NESCAFE DE-WIRED from Vicor Music Corporation, aside from that he was given a chance to perform a “solo spot” live at the major concert of Nina at Araneta Coliseum and recently he was the featured artist in the album of Sitti ( Café Bossa ) which he played a song with Sitti called “ One Note Samba” , He also done a music video with Sitti as one of the guest artist, in the song “para sa akin” of sitti’s carrier single in her album.

With his experience in the said album, this further cement Jerome’s decision to fulfill his one and only dream of performing all his musical ideas and be able to record them all in one album.. And that dream was happened already…he actually record variety of songs which interprets his passion in music, his album is called JEROME RICO ‘GUITAR SHOP” under Warner Music Philippines. It composes of 18 tracks of cover songs.. And finally made his solo music video that includes in his album “ Caught up in a Rapture and Englishman in new York.

*2007 Awit Award’s “Best Instrumental Performance”

His repertoire varies from genre to genre, Standards, Classics, Acid Jazz, R&B / Soul and Pop which most of them falls under Pop Jazz.

Counting among his influences are Tuck and Patti, George Benson, Dave Koz, Kenny G, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Tommy Emmanuel, Stevie Wonder, Bill Evans and the late Chet Arkins.


Pictures / Events / Gig Skeds:

Facebook  accounts: jerome rico / jem rico

Yuta Tanaka (Japan)

Yuta Tanaka (Japan)


Inspired by various genres of music, Japanese guitarist Yuta Tanaka travels the world playing the guitar. He has performed in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Malaysia .

His passion is to play the blues. However with years of dedication and countless hours of practice, he has developed an extraordinary technique and finger-style ability, to simultaneously play complex bass lines, harmony and melody at the same time.

He has arranged his own version of favourite Japanese songs, Western pop songs, jazz, blues, country and classic for the guitar .

Yuta’s original compositions are complex yet melodic and challenging for even the most advanced guitarists to perform.

2013.12~2014.1 Kuala Lumpur performed at Lot 10 shopping mall
2013.12 Sandakan, Malaysia performed at Four Points by Sheraton
2013.11 Manila, Philippines
2013.10 Borneo International Guitar Festival
2013. 5 No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur and Backyard Pub, Kuala Lumpur
2013. 4 Japan Fingerpicking Contest finalist
2011.2~2012.2 Sydney and Auckland
2010.4 Japan Fingerpicking Contest finalist
2009.5 London
2007.3 London

The Seasons 4 (Kuala Lumpur)

The Seasons 4 (Kuala Lumpur)


These four golden voices from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, specialists in their own professions, decided to form a singing Quartet in 2008, for harmony singing, both accompanied and A Cappella.

Little did this Quartet know that their singing would open doors for them for performances at private functions before royalties, dignitaries and friends. Their tastefully crafted presentations have been a complete surprise to many.

They are one of Malaysia’s rare singing Quartet doing harmony singing on a regular basis with a repertoire that is a blend of evergreens, contemporary songs and Jazz for which they are most passionate about. The unique, freshly brewed twist of harmony and new arrangements to familiar tunes is a pleasure to behold.

Joan Jim Quintet (JJQ) (Sabah – Indonesia)

Joan Jim Quintet (JJQ) (Sabah – Indonesia)


Joan Jim, a Malaysian-based vocalist, guitarist and arranger hails from Sabah, Borneo is known for her love and style in Latin Jazz singing. More than just a typical singer you’ll ever know, Joan is a passionate vocalist/musician who does her own music arrangement in her repertoires. Collaborating with the current Indonesian uprising established musicians, this time JJQ will present you Hairul Umam on alto sax, Gabriella Miranda on keys, Catur Kurniawan on bass and Warman Sanjaya on drums. JJQ will bring you to another level yet fresh sound of Jazz music and will give you the experience of mood changing based on the different tunes that they’re going to present. JJQ is a Jazz band that you never wanna miss to listen to for they represent the current and modern sound of Jazz.

Vocals/guitar – Joan Jim
Alto sax – Hairul Umam
Piano – Gabriella Miranda
Double bass – Catur Kurniawan
Drums – Warman Sanjaya

Jive With Purpose (Sabah)

Jive With Purpose (Sabah)


A diversified group with a distinct jazzy sound to their music under the label Purpose Records.

Jive with Purpose is Jonathan Tse (an established Malaysian singer songwriter), Keys Abraham (a passionate doctor with a mission to save lives and sooth souls), Annabel T (a super songstress with a new jazz album ‘Catchin Up’, hitting the local charts) and Patin Band (a talented bunch of musicians from Sabah). Their electrifying energy on stage will keep you tapping to the groove and singing along to famous jazz renditions of popular songs and their original songs.

Mezzotono (Italy)

Mezzotono (Italy)


The small but powerful Italian Orchestra Without Instruments is coming to Kota Kinabalu this June!
The Mezzotono Show is entirely executed by five voices a-cappella, which means without the use of any musical instruments, because the voices reproduce the different instruments and the often comical approach of the five interpreters encourages audience participation in a nice and never pushy way.

Not only the Italian theatres but 20 countries around the world hosted their music, being it the Italian vocal group with more concerts abroad. The originality of the performance is evident in their repertoire which consists solely of defining Italian music singed in many styles.

From jazz to bossa nova, from mambo to tango, from big band style to classic music, all the songs have a very different impact from the original version because of the arrangements and the unpredictable contribution of the rythmic-vocal section.
The show is perfect for all the situations, in Italy and abroad, in jazz festival or classic music.

Often Mezzotono have had some seminary in many Universities around the world about the a cappella music and the Italian languages.

Mezzotono has already been in several prominent Italian television appereances ( Rai 2, Rai 3, RadioRAI1, Radiomontecarlo), their tours have included theaters all over the world and they have performed hundreds of concerts.

Harry Toledo Covers (Indonesia)

Harry Toledo Covers (Indonesia)


Bass guru Harry Toledo (seated centre, in orange shirt) is an incredibly talented yet down-to-earth man. President of the Indonesia Bass Family, he has performed with many renowned personalities…. he’s even sessioned for Katy Perry’s “Roar” (2013)! And he’ll be performing this Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival!

Indonesian bassist, composer, arranger and programmer Harry’s passion and love for music started in middle school when he self-learned the bass guitar.

In the year 2000, he left his home in Riau and went to Jakarta to learn from renowned Indonesian jazz musician Idang Rasjidi.
During the year, he formed a band under the name Cherokee with musicians Rio Moreno, Iwan Wiradz, Kadek Rihardika and Agus Montero. Known for their hit “One Love Forever”, Cherokee features a well-known Indonesian singer Tompi on vocals.
Three years later, he joined several notable musicians like Rick Smith (USA), Bruno (France), Lewis Pragasam (Malaysia) and Tompi (Indonesia) to produce the album Bali Lounge.

Through the years, Harry’s career as a renowned bassist gained momentum… he has recorded as well as performed with the world renowned musicians like the legendary Bob James, Harvey Mason, and Phil Perry in the Bangkok International Jazz Festival.
Harry also had performed in many established jazz festival throughout the world: Hong Kong, China, Madagascar, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. He is a familiar face at Indonesian international jazz festivals like Java Jazz, Jak Jazz And Jazz Goes To Campus.

In the year 2006, Harry released his first solo album “Soul Emotion Bass” under the flag “RPM”. By 2008, he had released three solo albums: “Soul Emotion Bass I”, “Soul Emotion Bass II”, and “Soul Emotion Bass III”.
He released yet another solo album “Harry Toledo & Turbulence of Soul” under the flag “Diva Records” in 2010.
Harry – under the name Harry Toledo Covers – is now preparing his fifth album which features the best young jazz musicians in Indonesia. Harry and his friends from Toledo Covers have performed in various Music Events in Indonesia, and hopefully this year they will launch their album

Harry Toledo   : Electric Bass
Billy                      : Drum
Hendrik               : Piano / Keyboard
Iman                     : Electric dan acc Guitar
Vcl 1                      : Ferry R
Vcl 2                     : Roistan

Additional Brass section:

Enggar                  : Trombone
Adi                         : Terompet

Estudiantina Ensemble (Cuba)

Estudiantina Ensemble (Cuba)


The Estudiantina Ensemble comes all the way from Cuba and bring the country’s traditional Estudiantina music to Kota Kinabalu for the first time. This genre of music – otherwise known as music by student groups – originates from 1927 and is all about feisty and powerful melody.

At the base is the Danzón-clave, in the 8-piece band with a special instrument “Pailitas” also known as the Baroque Timpani, two small kettle drums of French baroque that had come through from Haiti. These are the forerunners of the famous contemporary Timbales that are used in many Salsa bands. Where the Salsa and modern Timba is being played fast and forward, this Danzón / Son-tradition is more laid-back, rather behind the beat than played in front of the beat. Thus it is truly the Roots of Traditional Cuban music, with Guaracha’s, Boleros, Danzones and Boleros-son.
The Estudiantina Ensemble was founded by Ricardo Bekema, with the objective of maintaining the authentic Cuban Traditional Danzón and Son styles from Oriente de Cuba. After years of studies in Santiago de Cuba and the surrounding area with teachers like Gabino Jardines Cisneros, Eva de la Caridad Griñan, Inaudis Paisán Mallet, Roberto Nápoles Castillo, Rey Cabrera Castellano and Arístides Torres, Ricardo by now has become a connoisseur of the Trova music.

In 2007, the ensemble received an official invitation from the Cuban Ministry of Culture, “Centro de la Musica Provincial” and a personal signed invitation from none other than “Eliades Ochoa Bustamante” (Buena Vista Social Club), to come and play at the 45th edition of the prestigious “International Festival de la Trova”, “Pepe Sánchez”. And so it was that the Estudiantina Ensemble was playing at the legendary stages of the Casa de la Trova, the Plaza de Marti and the Casa de la Musica, in front of the cameras of the National Cuban state television and a wildly enthusiastic Cuban crowd…

“In the long life (12 years) of my project there have been of course considerable developments and changes. The Estudiantina Ensemble now has received international fame and gives lectures, workshops and concerts in theatres and festivals around the globe. For the current occupation I have been fortunate to engage some great artists, very experienced musicians, who diligently contribute to the preservation of this wonderful music. Muchisimas gracias maestro’s… Para la Casa de la Trova… El final no llegara…!!”

Ricardo “Arístides” Bekema – director, guitar, lead vocals
Eric “Derecho de Nacer” Wijngaarde – percusion menor, lead vocals
Carlos “Calucho” Eduardo Filomeno Francinet – percusion menor, lead vocals
Alexander Rodriguez Cala – trumpet
Wilmer Gerardo Rios Garcia – baroque timpani (pailas criollas)
Leo “Pantaléon” Martis – tres (segundo)
Randy Winterdal – double bass
Anurakt Scheepers – tres (primero)